Shion Sonozaki

Background Edit

As the younger twin sister of Mion Sonozaki, Shion is an outcast in the town of Hinamizawa. Forced to live outside of Hinamizawa for most of her life, Shion does not live under the strict rules Mion (the heir of the Sonozaki estate) has to. After many years, Shion decides to move back to Hinamizawa to work and does her best to blend into the town with the help of her bodyguard and Mion.

Fighting Style Edit

  • Shion is fragile melee character, lacking of good melee range. However, her speed and agility balance her handicap very well. Unlike her sister, ranged attacks are not her forte.

First Weapon: Combat Knives
Second Weapon: Modified Stun Guns
Third Weapon: Torture Chamber Whips