Rena Ryuugu

Background Edit

Rena is an orban-haired girl who moved to the village of Hinamizawa one year ago. She is the same grade as Keiichi and has a sort of obsession with things she perceives as cute whilst these things are usually not considered cute by others. Rena likes to go treasure-hunting in the village's trash heap, looking for cute things to collect.

But there is also a scary side of Rena which shows whenever people take her too lightly and anger her. She is especially sensitive regarding anything about Oyashiro-sama.

Fighting Style Edit

  • A balanced character with strong melee attacks and good ranged attacks.

First Weapon: Favourite Nata
Second Weapon: Blade-Split Axe
Third Weapon: Ironclad Nata

Additional Notes: When using Rena's third weapon, the ironclad cleaver, Rena will speak in her deranged, demented way.