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Channel Name: Higurashi_Daybreak DX
Password: hanyuu

note* looking for 'real' humans, not bots. so Schedule for this Server is only Saturday-Sunday UTC/GMT +8 hours

any bots loafing around on these days are automatically KICKED

Channel Name: HF-Higurashi
Password: Hongfire

Channel Name: HF-Higurashi2
Password: Hongfire

Channel Name: day break
Password: day break

Channel Name: Higurashi HUN
Password: oyashiro

Channel Name: Higurashi Daybreak X
Password: higurashi1

Channel Name: higurashi DBK
Password: 7thexp

Be sure to exit the actual channels when you're done playing so others can join the channel. There are player limits for most of them after all.


  • A Higurashi Daybreak Club in Vietnam, connect by direct IPs through IRC to see the IPs and chat.
    • Server :
    • Channel : #hidebu

"We're still alive! This year (summer 2013) is our 5th! If you go to that channel, mostly, you don't see us. The playing time is 14:00~16:00 (GMT) in every Saturnday. Welcome, everyone can chat in English." WarriorKK (talk) 19:24, July 18, 2013 (UTC)