Kakera-mode is a type of Hypermode which benefits the user with increased defense and attack upon death. The Kakera bar is increased by taking damage, but fills considerably slower than the Oyashiro bar. When this bar is at its max, it will automatically activate the moment you die from a direct hit. Upon activation, your HP will be restored to 100%, but will slowly drain over time till it reaches 1%. When it reaches 1%, you will lose the bonuses of Kakera-mode but will still be alive, with 1% HP. Any hits against you will still decrease your HP, so by getting hit during Kakera-mode, you reduce its overall duration. When kakera-mode wears off, you will be extremely vulnerable, as a single hit will KO you.
  • Duration: 25 seconds (without getting hit)
  • Avoids being stunned by all hits
  • Take 20% damage
  • Deal 150% damage

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