Jirou Tomitake

Background Edit

A photographer who frequently visits the village of Hinamizawa (especially during the Watangashi Festival). In every arc, he ends up being the killed victim of Oyashiro-sama's curses on the night of the Festival. During the Festival, he is still alive and looking happy but his manner of death shows that he tore at his own throat with his own fingers. The baffled police autopsies seemingly results with his body having no trace of drugs having been injected to cause him to do such an act of madness. He also has a good partnership with Miyo Takano (who is also a victim of the yearly curses).

Fighting Style Edit

  • Jirou Tomitake is a strong melee character, with a moderate range and a good defense.

First Weapon: Survival camera
Second Weapon: Spiritual camera
Third Weapon: Sub-machine Gun