Costumes are obtained in different ways in the original and expansion to Higurashi Daybreak. In the original, you need to beat the game on Story Mode, and the successful completion will unlock the costumes for the character you played, meaning you would need to complete story mode as every character to unlock every costume. In the DX Version, all the costumes are already unlocked.

For the original: Hold the lock button while selecting the character (キャラクター選択時にロックボタンを押しながら決定してください)

For the DX Version: To change costume, press the left or right keys when selecting Weapon/Hypermode on the Character Select Screen.

Angel Mort CostumeEdit

Angel mort

The Angel Mort Costume

Characters who can wear this costume:

The Angel Mort is a restaurant located in Okinomiya. Shion Sonozaki works at the restaurant as a waitress, and the first glimpse you see of her, she is wearing the Angel Mort uniform.

Gym CostumeEdit

Gym female

The Gym Costume (female)

Characters who can wear this costume:

The gym costume is the attire worn during gym for the only school in Hinamizawa. During one of the school club's games, the zombie game, Rena Ryuugu managed to win the match just as she was about to get caught by Keiichi Maebara by striking a very moe pose whilst wearing this costume.




Characters who can wear this costume:

The swimwear costume is worn on several occasions whenever the club goes to the beach or swimming (which is why this list is limited primarily to club members).

Alternate CostumesEdit

Characters who have alternative costumes to their default (and the ones listed above) are as follows:

Penalty CostumesEdit

In netplay mode, sometimes you will get a different costume.
Rena - cat costume

Rena wearing a penalty costume

Penalty Costumes: