Chie Rumiko

Background Edit

Rumiko is the female teacher of Keiichi's class, who is a parody character of Tsukihime's Ciel-Senpai (permission for her usage was given by Type-Moon). The seiyuu for her character in the anime series is the same as the seiyuu of Ciel from the Tsukihime anime. Going along with the parody, her favorite food is curry rice, just like Ciel.

Fighting Style Edit

  • Rumiko Chie is a fast and very agile character, having the largest combo moves set. Her movements resemble her model Ciel from Tsukihime. The reference is made more visible in the expansion, where Chie can wear a costume resembling those of Ciel's which, when worn, makes her talk like her Tsukihime counterpart. Like Ciel in Melty Blood, she cannot change directions when dashing.

First Weapon: Lecture-use T-square
Second Weapon: Lecture-use compass
Third Weapon: Lecture-use chalk