The Character Select Screen

There are a total of 14 characters to choose from in Higurashi Daybreak, 16 in Higurashi Daybreak DX (Hanyuu and Natsumi are added). Each character has 3 weapons to choose from, except Hanyuu and Natsumi. The "Third Weapon" for each character are only available with the expansion installed. The weapons affect a number of factors of the character, including speed, strength, stamina and defense. In Story Mode, you can only choose characters that form a team which are:

Expansion Only Teams:

Character First Weapon Second Weapon Third Weapon
Rika Furude Hoe Mop Scythe
Rena Ryuugu Cleaver Axe Ironclad Cleaver
Keiichi Maebara Bat Golf Club Shovel
Satoko Houjou Fireworks Traps Homing Fireworks
Mion Sonozaki Guns Water Pistols Super Water Gun
Shion Sonozaki Knives Stungun Whips
Miyo Takano Syringe Spray Transponder
Jirou Tomitake Survival Camera Spiritual Camera Sub-Machine Gun
Kyosuke Irie Medical Treatment Hospitalization Set Support Set
Kuraudo Ooishi Handgun Hyper Arm Confiscatory
Mamoru Akasaka Book of Energy Attacks Book of Karate Book of Setsuna
Chie Rumiko T-Square Compasses Chalk
Akane Sonozaki Mumei Tamahiki Katana
Kasai Tatsuyoshi Shotgun Machine Gun Sniper Rifle
Hanyuu Furude DX Version Only God's World Onigari no Ryuuo
Natsumi Kimiyoshi DX Version Only Kitchen Knife Grandma's Saw